The Terror Conundrum

I think things have cooled down a bit now.

I am talking about the attacks in Mumbai, of course.

So, what can I say that someone else hasn’t yet said it.

I think one of things that needs to be acknowledged is that religion is essentially a bad thing.

That’ll be hugely controversial, of course, and therefore nobody says it out loud.

BTW, have you ever noticed how survivers never tire of thanking the Almighty profusely when they manage to survive the ordeal. I wonder what about the unfortunate ones who didn’t survive the ordeal . . .

When people suffer personal tragedies, their belief in God tends to … well, people tend to reexamine their core belief systems . . . which, of course, includes reexamining (or, may be, really examining for the first time) the existence and/or beneficicence of God.

People can react in two divergent ways to tragedy: they either blame ‘God’ for whatever tragedy has befallen them (say, when a ‘young’ family member dies quite unexpectedly in an automobile accident) or their faith in ‘Him’ is redoubled when they narrowly survive some tragic occurrence.

It’s ‘interesting’ for an atheist like me to observe all this . . . self-interest is not a bad thing, per se, in fact that’s what has ensured that our species continues to thrive on this planet . . .

It’s just that people can be so utterly blind to everything else . . .

The only tragedy that might really shake me up would be this: if I had a 6-month old kid (or, say, the kid was 6 years old, for that matter) and one fine day if the kid got diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia and the doctors told me that the kid had two months more to live, then, I would be in really jeopardy. . .


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